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  Has a recent season of suffering, or indeed your whole life to date left you feeling damaged? Do you feel broken, inadequate, ‘washed up’ and somehow past your sell by date? Welcome to the club. It’s certainly how I have sometimes felt since I was struck down by pneumonia. God delights in taking people […]

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There is something inherently lonely about suffering. As much as others try to be empathetic, they cannot fully understand. Your own suffering is unique to you, even if it does have similarities to others. One of the dangers of social media like Facebook is that if you are having a difficult time, the lives of others can seem perfect, and you can convince yourself they have no problems to face. However, the truth is that EVERYBODY does experience suffering of different kinds of sufferings at different...
The ferocious hurricanes remind us that each of us is more vulnerable than we like to think. Storms of life come and buffet us all.

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I hope you realise that you have never met a perfect Christian.  I know that it is all too easy to look at some brothers and sisters that we see only on Sundays and assume they have everything together. Guess what, struggling Christian, perhaps some of those you envy are looking right back at you and assuming […]

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