The new show opens with a deconstructed take on Star Trek ships and equipment.
Commentary: To succeed in mobile hardware, Google will have to master something for which it has never shown expertise: product marketing.
Are Apple's iPhones worth the money and is London right to ban Uber from operating? The CNET UK podcast discusses all the biggest tech stories.
Tech nostalgia is driving auction bidders to scramble for vintage computers and memorabilia.
The USS Discovery takes off for real in Manhattan the night before the show's premiere.
Chatterjee was the first woman to earn a science doctorate from an Indian university. She gets the Doodle treatment on what would've been her 100th b-day.
The Audiophiliac checks out Klipsch’s brawny new speakers.
With "Star Trek: Discovery" coming this Sunday on CBS, we asked the people around the office which Star Trek episodes from any of the series were their favorites.
We subjected a brand new iPhone 8 to three drop tests to find out how fast it would break.
Buying an iPhone X? CNET’s Marguerite Reardon offers advice on how to safely sell your old device to help pay for the new one.
A trade-in program could help make Google's forthcoming phone cheaper overall.
Vote-counting systems weren't affected, and few of the states targeted were actually breached, says the Department of Homeland Security.
Meet Claire from Down Under. She has a face of an angel and the voice of Meat Loaf.
Facing a ban in London, the ride-hailing company's new leader says it's time for "self-reflection."
Would you believe the iPhone 8 has a smaller battery? Here's what else iFixit discovered.
Is the Apple Watch that bad? Did Apple do enough with the Apple TV 4K? Are the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus boring? We take a deep dive into Apple's latest product line with the man who reviewed them for CNET, Scott Stein.
Intel has canceled its ambitious standalone VR headgear.
Commentary: A trip to my local Apple store on iPhone 8 launch day offers a relatively quiet atmosphere and the opportunity to be sold on the new phone.
The settlement comes days before CEO Mark Zuckerberg was scheduled to testify.
If it were any longer than a quarter-mile drag, things would have ended differently.
The SNES Classic Edition is nearly upon us. Here's what's inside the box of the $80 retro console.
Commentary: The testers at JerryRigEverything put Apple's new phone through its paces and it appears to hold up relatively well.
Russ and Jeff record the last regular version of the show discussing the reviews of the new Apple Watch, iPhone 8, what to expect from the iPhone X and whether or not Nintendo will make enough SNES Classic Editions for everyone.
That's $50 off the already great price for Moto's latest, which comes unlocked with dual rear cameras. Plus: a free $29 survival horror game and more!
Liftmaster's integration with the Google Assistant and its MyQ channel on IFTTT will let you control your smart garage door opener in all sorts of ways, but using them will cost you a buck per month.
The review site was wowed by the camera on the iPhone 8 Plus.
The automaker has shifted its focus to new additions in the 2019 model year.
NASA's spacecraft gets a gravity boost from home as it buzzes by this week on its way to sample a space rock.
I feel like we're going to go through the whole automotive industry before anything actually happens.
It'll soon be discontinued, making all-wheel drive standard for Tesla's entire high-end lineup.
The retail giant is working in partnership with August Home.
With today's energy costs, recouping the initial price premium the Chevy Bolt EV carries over its hybrid Volt brethren will take quite a bit of time.
The iPhone 8's arrival was met with cold response in China, prompting staff at Apple stores to remove crowd control barricades.
Most people set up special filters for birthdays, graduations and weddings. Funerals are just a logical, if unusual, next step.
Compared to the US, Britain and France, Germany’s national election looks downright boring. That’s a good thing.
The small country overtakes the US, Russia and China.
And I'm not just talking about selfie portraits or animated poop.
TfL, London's transport regulator, rejected the company's licence renewal request due to Uber's "lack of corporate responsibility."
The streaming company follows through on March promise.
Not a pumpkin spice latte in sight.
YouTube prophets claim the end of days is Sept. 23 when a nonexistent planet will supposedly smack into us. Meanwhile, a very real threat exists.
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