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President Trump had called the bloc a vehicle for German interests, but his vice president said the administration was committed to cooperation.
The zoo admitted 11 rainbow lorikeets were killed after toxic bait was put underground in their enclosure.
The vice-president says the US remains committed to the EU, despite recent criticism by Donald Trump.
Residents of northern and central California prepared Monday for possible flooding and landslides Monday as another round of storms pounded the region.
Donald Trump has a vast online portfolio of domain names -- digital addresses that foreshadowed his political career, business projects and accusations of unethical behavior.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is ordering an "urgent" investigation after a former Uber driver wrote a blog post alleging a year of sexual harassment and discrimination at the company.
Angelina Jolie talks about her divorce from Brad Pitt in an interview with BBC.
You no longer have to find a special vending machine to get your hands on a pair of Snapchatting sunglasses.
Step into the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood where a contentious billion-dollar expansion for Interstate 70 calls for the demolition of homes and businesses in the community.
A college student in Florida grades an apology letter sent to him by his ex-girlfriend and sends it back to her with a mark.
The film about a young black gay man growing up in Miami is giving La La Land a run for its money.
A new project about family and loss has led Angelina Jolie to talk about her own.
The red phone, which has the Nazi leader's name engraved on it, was sold to an anonymous bidder.
Meet Sutton United's team as they prepare to take on Arsenal in the fifth round of the FA Cup.
In a divided America, two groups at the extreme ends of the political spectrum are doing battle online, and on the streets.
Lindsay Lohan would apparently still like to go "Under The Sea."
Extra money for the health service fails to stem financial problems as NHS trusts in England overspend again.
Even as he worked to assure European leaders that the Trump administration isn't looking to scrap longstanding transatlantic ties, Vice President Mike Pence was met with outward skepticism from the bloc's top leaders on Monday.
The video-sharing website will focus on shorter and skippable advertisements.
President Donald Trump has been hampered in his first month in office by an inexperienced staff that has failed to navigate Washington or prepare Trump adequately, says his former campaign manager.
Losing its most cherished prize will present IS with an existential challenge, says Renad Mansour.
Meet the London Fashion Week designers using clothes to shape how we see gender.
Unexpected locales are joining the car-optional list as new and expanding rapid transit options take root across the country.
Six artists explain their motivation, and the sometimes difficult reactions to their work.
Adolf Hitler's telephone was sold at auction in the United States on Sunday for $243,000. The winning bid was made by phone but the name of the bidder has not been released.
A senior National Security Council adviser was reassigned to his old job at the National Defense University, a White House spokeswoman confirmed Sunday, after he criticized the Trump administration's Latin American policies.
Research shows that people place too much importance on salary and promotion when making career choices.
Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has picked up the endorsements of nine of his counterparts around the nation, including the chief executives of New Orleans, Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, in his bid to chair the Democratic National Committee.
Obese people who diet often regain the weight because their metabolic rate drops. That doesn’t happen with bariatric surgery.
The Tohono O’odham Nation’s reservation in Arizona extends along 62 miles of the border, with 2,000 members living in Mexico.
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