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Reader Krystalo writes: Mozilla today launched Firefox 51 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The new version includes a new warning for websites which collect passwords but don't use HTTPS, WebGL 2 support for better 3D graphics, and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback. Mozilla doesn't break out the exact numbers for Firefox, though the company does say "half a billion people around the world" use the browser. In other words, itâ(TM)s a major platform that web developers target -- even in a...
Twitch's dedicated game streaming interface While half the world is coming to grips with the idea that people actually want to watch others play games, the other half is watching people play games. Streamers, watchers, and tips from the latter to the former are all increasing at a good clip, according to streaming companion service Streamlabs. Read More
airpods The ultimate first world problem is finally solved. Apple just released the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. Among other changes, the beta includes way to find your lost AirPods in the Find My iPhone app. Here’s how it works. As you know, Apple’s AirPods only have tiny W1 chips in each earbud. These chips only support Bluetooth — there’s no Wi-Fi, there’s no… Read More
crunchies-founder The 10th Annual Crunchies Awards Show is but a few short weeks away, and we’ve yet to specifically introduce you to the nominees of a very important category: Founder of the Year. Given the landscape of current affairs — let’s face it, 2016 was a wash at best — the role of the founder becomes increasingly critical. It’s not enough to make great hires, execute on… Read More
google-android-blog-post-iphone_1200x675px_v3 After a bit of a delay, the launch of Android Wear 2.0 is finally drawing near. Today, Google launched the fifth and final developer preview of Wear 2.0 ahead of its consumer launch in early February. There aren’t any major surprises here, but with this release, Android Wear 2.0 is getting finally getting full iOS support, too, which was missing from the previews — but not Wear… Read More
tilt founders khaleed james beshara We’d been hearing murmurs for a while that Tilt was up for grabs and was talking to a few folks in recent weeks, and in early January we caught wind that the company may be acquired by Airbnb. It looks like the chatter was right. The Information reporting today that the company is in talks with Airbnb for an acquisition. The report jives with what we’ve heard as well. The move… Read More
Darling If you haven’t been following the enterprise space of late, you may well have missed the memo that collaborative white boards are the hot newness. Microsoft has one and Google has one, and really, it was only a matter of time before those stalwarts of workplace hardware Cisco got in on the fun. As its name implies, the Cisco Spark Board is built around the company’s proprietary… Read More
microsoft-intune Microsoft today announced Intune for Education, a new tier of its existing enterprise application and device management service that’s specifically meant for school. In addition, the company announced that a number of its partners will soon start shipping a wider variety of affordable Windows 10 PCs. This move comes shortly after Google announced yet another push for its Chromebooks… Read More
box-notes-screenshot Box Notes, a productivity tool at Box, is announcing updated functionality and a new design. The platform, which Box says is used by nearly 40% Fortune 500 companies, will now let users view and edit all notes within a single browser, without having to leave Box Notes to search folders. They will also be introducing desktop apps, to make it easier to access Box Notes on both Mac and PC,… Read More
screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-12-21-27-pm Amazon has a new wake word for its Echo speakers, letting you trigger the Alexa voice assistant by uttering “Computer” aloud. It’s far more susceptible to accidental activation, yes, but it’s also a dream come true for Star Trek fans who watched both original series and TNG crew members address the Enterprise’s on-board computing systems directly. I have tried… Read More
cartwheel-hand Target’s Cartwheel application has grown to some 27 million shoppers who have used it over the past three years following its debut to save over $600 million at checkout. Now, the retailer hints it may be adding mobile payments to the app, and potentially its main Target application, as well. The company didn’t confirm which of the two, or if both, would be updated to include… Read More
Juicero Six months after introducing Juicero to the market, its Doug Evans jumped ship from the company he founded after selling off Organic Avenue in 2012 (that juice company would go on to file for Chapter 7 in 2015). In October, the luxury juice squeezing startup brought former Coca-Cola North America president Jeff Dunn on in his stead. Just last week, the company slashed the price of its… Read More
2000q-extracted-image Universal quantum computers don’t exist, but that hasn’t stopped D-Wave from carving out its own place in the quantum computing market. Today, the 17-year-old company is announcing its forth quantum chip, the 2000Q, doubling the number of qubits on its exiting 1000Q chip. The Burnaby, British Columbia based company’s chips fall under a specific class of quantum… Read More
Photo: Kristin Lee/Getty Images I was enjoying burgers with an economist friend who is interested in the world of venture. We were bouncing ideas around about where venture is heading, especially at the earliest stages, where I spend my time. His questions resonated with my inner econ nerd. And having thought about it since, I believe that the market for making seed investments remains quite attractive. Read More
pokemon-duel Pokémon has another official new mobile game that isn’t Pokémon GO – it’s a strategy battle game called Pokémon Duel where you collect virtual figures and fight them in an attempt to take over territory from your rival. The Duel element involves actually battling your figures, which you can select in teams of six. These individual Pokémon have stats, including how many… Read More
wang_ted_hi-res_cropped-1 Ted Wang has spent his career helping startups make important decisions, from Facebook, to Twitter, to Dropbox to Jet. He’s done it as a partner with the law firm Fenwick & West over the last decade. Now he’s betting his skills can translate as an investor. Indeed, today, Wang joins the seed-stage venture firm Cowboy Ventures as a full-time investment partner. Firm… Read More

Did I say that? Bullish MS man finds quotes ripped out of context

Microsoft has committed itself to the UK after comments by a manager were ripped out of context.…

The Australian government is planning to allow 90% of travellers to pass through passport control without human help by 2020. From a report: With a $100m budget, it has begun the search for technology companies that could provide biometric systems, such as facial, iris and fingerprint recognition. Head of border security John Coyne said it could be a "world first." But critics have questioned the privacy implications of such a system. "Biometrics are now going in leaps and bounds, and our ability to harness...
China, the world's second largest economy, is pouring 1.5 billion yuan ($168 million) into a program aimed at making it rain in its usually arid northwestern region. From a report: No stranger to using technologies like cloud seeding to influence and even control weather patterns, China's top economic planners recently gave the go ahead for what will be one of the country's largest weather-modification projects, reports the South China Morning Post. According to the Post, a feasibility study by the...
1485265546655-jpg Ford has picked up a new executive with a strong history of success in marketing and communications across a range of verticals; the automaker announced today that Musa Tariq will join as vice president and chief brand officer at the company, acting as the senior-most creative and strategic branding employee at the company across its global operations. Tariq will join Ford on January 30,… Read More
luxury vacation Corporations could be a lot more efficient with the travel spend, believes booking platform TripActions. And they’re announcing $14.6 million in funding from Zeev Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners to fulfill that mission. Premised on the idea that people spend more money when it’s the company’s dime, the startup offers employees rewards for staying under a target budget. Read More
Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More
People are as likely to read thousands of words per minute as they are to run faster than the speed of light. The post Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More appeared first on WIRED.
Now You Can Shoot Nerf Cars At Your Little Brother
Get ready for some itty bitty vroom vroom. The post Now You Can Shoot Nerf Cars At Your Little Brother appeared first on WIRED.
screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-11-10-18-am Max Friefeld, Jonathan Schwartz, and Oliver Ortlieb aren’t just co-founders – they’re roommates. These three formerMakerbot employees are working on creating Voodoo Manufacturing, an effort to “combine software and hardware to build a new-age robotic factory.” Say, for example, you wanted to build hundreds of small velociraptors. You could make a mold and create a… Read More

Value of fraud surpasses £1bn for first time in five years

The total cost of fraudulent activity in the UK surpassed a billion pounds for the first time in five years, reaching £1.137bn in 2016 compared to £732m the year before.…

spendesk_plastic_card French startup Spendesk might be just a few months old, but the company is currently firing on all cylinders. Spendesk just raised $2.2 million (€2 million), just rebranded the company, and is about to launch mobile apps and corporate plastic cards for everyone. Let’s start with the funding round. The company started out as an eFounders startup. It is now ready to fly on its own and… Read More
voice_report The next mainstream computing platform may not be bots, AR, or VR, but rather voice-based computing. According to a new state of the industry report from VoiceLabs, it’s estimated that there will be 24.5 million voice-first devices shipped this year, which will lead to a total device footprint of 33 million devices in circulation. If the prediction holds true, this would be a… Read More
kevin_scott Microsoft announced this morning that it has tapped Kevin Scott as its new Chief Technology Officer. The c-level promotion is an expansion of Scott’s current role as Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at LinkedIn, a move designed to “drive strategic, cross-company initiatives” between the business social networking platform and its parent, according to Microsoft. Scott… Read More
US President Donald Trump speaks alongside General Motors CEO Mary Barra (L) and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne (2nd R) during a meeting withautomobile industry leaders in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, January 24, 2017. / AFP / SAUL LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) Donald Trump met with top execs at all three major U.S. automakers on Tuesday, in a sit-down in which he laid out his desire to see the car companies create new factories in the U.S. and boost their stateside output. His comments at the meeting echoed sentiments expressed by Trump throughout the campaign and early into his presidency on Twitter and elsewhere. Trump said at the meeting… Read More

And they're eyeing up the NHS as a customer for wearables

American telco Verizon reckons it's got a shot at being the next big Internet of Things player and might be eyeing up the NHS, the company's pet evangelist told IoT Tech Expo in London this morning.…

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