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This Motorcycle Gear Will Bring Joy to Your Weekend Rides
The hottest gear for hitting the road, no matter the season. The post This Motorcycle Gear Will Bring Joy to Your Weekend Rides appeared first on WIRED.
MIT’s New Wheelchair Drives Itself
MIT researchers are working to change mobility for the elderly and disabled. The post MIT's New Wheelchair Drives Itself appeared first on WIRED.
In an ideal world, every human would have perfectly toned thighs and a flat cycle path on which to commute. The post Power to the Pedal: 2 New E-Bikes for Your Commute appeared first on WIRED.
La Dolce Veloce: Meet Alfa Romeo’s New Giulia Quadrifoglio
Alfa Romeo's beastly new sedan will soon be hitting the streets in the US. The post La Dolce Veloce: Meet Alfa Romeo's New Giulia Quadrifoglio appeared first on WIRED.
The Walking Dead Recap: Enemies Don’t Always Stay That Way
Hardship can make bonds brittle, but it can also strengthen frayed ones—or forge new ones altogether. The post The Walking Dead Recap: Enemies Don't Always Stay That Way appeared first on WIRED.
Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs
Opinion: Between accounting professionals and truck drivers alone, about 4.5 million human jobs could be ceded to robots over the next few years. The post Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs appeared first on WIRED.
Take a 360-Video Tour of a Porsche Modder’s Sweet Rides
Magnus Walker is a Porsche remix artist. The post Take a 360-Video Tour of a Porsche Modder's Sweet Rides appeared first on WIRED.
ZTE Hawkeye Project CSX was a nice enough idea. Get the smartphone community engaged and excited and maybe even gather some good, outside-the-box ideas for mobile devices along the way. In a sense, the project was ZTE’s attempt to foster the sort of community excitement we’ve seen around young companies like OnePlus – and it started off well enough. Things sort of fell apart at the… Read More
An anonymous reader shares a report on The Verge: A former Uber engineer has published an explosive account of sexism and power struggles in the workplace, with allegations beginning from her very first official day with the company. The engineer, Susan Fowler (who left Uber in December and now works for Stripe), posted the account to her blog on Sunday, calling it a "strange, fascinating, and slightly horrifying story." It is indeed horrifying. Sexism is a well-documented problem in Silicon Valley, but the...

Haven't named and shamed car-makers though

Insecure car-controlling Android apps create a heightened car theft risk, security researchers at Kaspersky Lab warn.…

How Is the World Worse Off Now Than It Was in Watchmen?
Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' pre-apocalyptic epic is now 30 years old. So why does it feel like it was written just minutes ago? The post How Is the World Worse Off Now Than It Was in Watchmen? appeared first on WIRED.
An Arms Dealer Says Life Under Trump Is a ‘Win-Win’
Business is good, if your business is weapons. The post An Arms Dealer Says Life Under Trump Is a 'Win-Win' appeared first on WIRED.
Refugees’ Stories Told Through Their Smartphones
Google Maps to escape an unsafe home, and photos to remember it. The post Refugees' Stories Told Through Their Smartphones appeared first on WIRED.

Valuation Office Agency needs to revaluate its revaluation

Rivals BT and Virgin Media have joined hands to collective moan that a forthcoming hike to business rates will result in tripling of their collective tax bill to £1.3bn over the next five years.…

HCIA startup denied the full makeover for now

Analysis HPE has closed its SimpliVity acquisition and publicised software porting and migration plans but hasn't said anything about SimpliVity hardware moving to a ProLiant server base.…

Kate Sutton talks to El Reg about search and maps

Interview “The thing that snookered us came eight years after the event,” Kate Sutton of Streetmap told The Register late last week, following the High Court’s ruling that Google’s manipulation of search results did not destroy her business despite that being exactly what happened.…

spectacles-on-sale Snap wants to prove to investors in its upcoming IPO that Spectacles can earn money for its business, not just be a brand stunt. So today, Snap begins selling its video-recording sunglasses Spectacles openly online for $129.99 in the US at Previously it only dispensed them from Snapbot vending machines in surprise locations and its NYC pop-up store for the last three months.… Read More
25 Amazon Echo Once you’re done ordering pizza and locking and unlocking your front door, what’s left to do with your Echo? Starting today, HealthTap users will be able to use Amazon’s connected home assistant for medical advice, if they so choose. The online healthcare startup is announcing Alexa integration this week, letting users tap into their voice controlled health services with… Read More

Company didn't confirm whether majority to go to AWS or work, er, warehouse

Amazon has announced its intention to increase its UK workforce to over 24,000 this year.…

"Scientists have extracted long-dormant microbes from inside the famous giant crystals of the Naica mountain caves in Mexico -- and revived them," reports the BBC. An anonymous reader writes: "The organisms were likely to have been encased in the striking shafts of gypsum at least 10,000 years ago, and possibly up to 50,000 years ago," according to the BBC, which calls the strange lifeforms "another demonstration of the ability of life to adapt and cope in the most hostile of environments." With no light...
If You Love Driving in Hellish Traffic, Visit These Cities
Your dreams of slogging through a commute, fulfilled. The post If You Love Driving in Hellish Traffic, Visit These Cities appeared first on WIRED.
Spin is trying to bring Mobike-style bike sharing to the US. Temasek, Singapore’s state-owned investment firm, has jumped into China’s on-demand cycle war after it backed MoBike. China’s ride-sharing war is last year’s news. The big battle between Uber and Didi Chuxing is essentially over after the latter agreed to buy the former’s China-based business. The new startup drama du jour is in bikes — services that let… Read More tells search engines to demote dodgy websites or face legislation

UK government-hosted talks spanning two Parliaments have culminated in Google and Bing at last agreeing to tweak their search results in response to copyright-holders' concerns, thereby heading off threatened legislation on their conduct.…

Consumers to be able to access paid-for services when abroad

Planned new EU laws aimed at making online content more accessible to those that subscribe to it are closer to being finalised after a deal struck on the new rules earlier this month was endorsed by representatives of national governments across the EU.…

Open source with a difference, from Redmond

Analysis Much has changed at Microsoft since Steve Ballmer described Linux as "a cancer" in reaction to the open-source flag-flyer's threat to Redmond's money-spinning Windows business.…

You’ll dance with Beyonce in your living room, vows co-founder

Analysis 8i, a New Zealand based company, last week landed a large B funding round that reads like a who’s who in the Virtual reality world. Its aim is to bring holograms to the masses. This doesn’t actually mean what it says, but it’s still pretty cool.…

An anonymous reader writes: "At least one intruder is taking advantage of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exploit to flood lobbies (even private ones) with text from chat bots that can't be kicked," writes Engadget. The attack "allegedly comes from one person," according to Kotaku, which reports that "It's a similar exploit to one found a few weeks ago, where typing messages into a lobby allowed users to rank up and down as they chose." The chat bot's text includes various complaints about Counter-Strike...
philippines Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial has again extended its global reach after it completed its maiden investment in the Philippines. The company, which manages payment service Alipay and Alibaba’s digital banking services and is valued at $60 million, said it made an undisclosed investment in Mynt, a financial venture from Globe Telecom. Mynt’s interests include a micro-payment… Read More

Virtzilla debuts disaster-recovery-as-a-service on dedicated hardware

Disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) is an obvious service to run in the cloud, as the business of operating secondary sites is costly and complex.…

dah-makan Dah Makan has become the first food delivery startup to raise significant capital in Southeast Asia this year, bringing some fire back to what has been a popular niche for local investors. The company has closed a $1.3 million seed funding round from backers that include NFQ Capital, East Ventures, Asia Venture Group and Grupara. A former CEO of Nestlé is among the angel investors to… Read More
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