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  The Senate and the community of the United Theological College are honoured to recognize the leadership and ministry of two colleagues at our Spring 2017 Convocation. At 2pm on May 10th 2017, at Roxboro United Church in Roxboro, Quebec, Rev. James Scott will be recognized through the conferring of the degree Doctor of Divinity … Continue reading Press Release: The United Theological College / Le Séminaire Uni, Montréal – Honours at Convocation 2017
Originally posted on My journey with AIDS...and more!: There is tragic irony with the news that Canada has suffered our greatest single-day loss of troops in Afghanistan with the deaths of six soldiers in a roadside bombing. A seventh Canadian suffered serious injuries. Regardless of our views on Canada’s role in this conflict our…
How dysfunctional is Winnipeg as a city? You mean apart from the former mayor and his hand-picked chief civil servant being investigated for taking (alleged) kickbacks on -- wait for it -- the construction of a new police department headquarters?Or the shiny new $300 million water treatment plant plagued by exploding generators and a leaky roof, a scenario straight out of The Simpsons?Or the fancy replacement football stadium that was built to take the team out of debt by generating so...
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