Commentary: An unlocked Samsung phone might be the better choice.
The seven-armed octopus has only been spotted three times in the last 27 years by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Now it's been spotted with its tentacles full.
Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin warns against crowdfunding the purchase of Congress browsing data -- he intends to buy it and make it freely available.
There are many reasons to love Samsung's new phone. But these three things might make you think twice before upgrading.
An indie filmmaker spent the past year making a Doctor Doom origin story fan film, and he's given us a very detailed look into his process.
Donald Trump's FCC chairman Ajit Pai is rolling back rules that will make it harder for broadband companies to offer subsidized internet service to poor Americans.
Hundreds dressed like the world's most famous scientist gather in Toronto to break a record and honor his brainy legacy.
Also topping the charts this week is a video that answers that pressing question: Which is more dangerous, a wood splinter or a glass one?
An activist is pissed about Congress' efforts to roll back internet privacy rules. And he's got a sly plan for revenge.
After US lawmakers voted to end online privacy rules, people are looking for ways to hide their browsing histories.
Social Cues: An airport tried to honor the soccer star with a bronze bust. Too bad it's terrifying.
Now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been announced, how much does it cost?
Samsung's Galaxy S8 launch was accompanied by the launch of several new accessories, including new cases, wireless charging stands, and headphones.
But they're for a very good cause, so you can't mock a Rolls-Royce with an airbrushed hood. OK, maybe you can, but just a little.
Two phone numbers (and data plans) might be a possibility, but don't expect the feature in the US or UK.
Commentary: A new Twitter account features videos of the ritual burning of every tweet emitted by the president.
See how Samsung's newest (and largest) smartphone compares to the competition.
Samsung's newest superphone looks impressive, but it may not be an automatic upgrade. Here's what you need to know.
No, it won't be in New York, but that doesn't mean it's not coming to the US eventually.
The latest fitness tracker from Garmin caters to the dedicated triathlete with increased battery life and an altimeter.
In a study that holds promise for quick and easy diagnoses, researchers use facial recognition software to find out who's suffering from a condition that's typically hard to pinpoint.
The business has struggled to become profitable since Amazon bought it in 2011.
Hey, should I go take a peek in that drippy dark sewer? The answer is NO, and also NEVER, and maybe NOT ON YOUR LIFE, emphasis on "life."
Users of Apple's tablet get a full version of the calendar app, complete with room scheduler and goal setting.
Shipping worldwide isn't enough for the Amazon CEO. He's also working on shipping people to space and has revealed what the inside of the ride will look like.
What's in the box? A free pair of earphones worth $99.
In case you're wondering how many VW diesels are being stored at the Pontiac Silverdome, the answer is "a whole lot."
Now that Samsung's brought virtual to the masses with Gear VR, it's looking to build a more powerful standalone system. Oh, and it's interested in AR too.
Facebook is opening up its tool to live stream video in 360 degrees to all global users, after launching with certain publishers in December.
These changes apply to vehicles with Autopilot 2.0 hardware, which entered production last year.
Place your bets now: Would BuzzFeed trade under ticker symbol OMG or WTF after an initial public offering?
Break out the shot glasses. Mexico tourism gets a boost from an inventive cloud that rains drinkable tequila.
Analysis: This three-in-one app for the Galaxy S8 is very much in beta mode.
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